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Spotlight on Katniss and Prim - Sisters and #THGBFFs

There's no friendship as special as the one between sisters. It's a bond that remains sacred one's whole life. This is certainly true for Katniss and Prim. The friendship between Katniss and her little sister is one of the most important things in Katniss' world. Protecting her little sister and providing for her is one of the only things that motivated Katniss in the most difficult times.
"How could I leave Prim, who is the only person in the world I’m certain I love?"

Katniss hints many times throughout the trilogy that her only friends were Madge and Gale, but that Prim was one of the only people who knew the "real" Katniss. The only one who could make her laugh, smile, or tell stories.
“Tuck your tail in, little duck,” I say, smoothing the blouse back in place. Prim giggles and gives me a small “Quack.” “Quack yourself,” I say with a light laugh. The kind only Prim can draw out of me.

Katniss would do anything and everything she could to protect her sister from harm. She began to hunt illegally at the tender age of eleven, providing food so Prim would not go hungry. She volunteered to save her sister's life at the reaping; Prim would never have made it out of the arena alive.

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Katniss was motivated to survive the 74th Games to get back home to Prim. She promised Prim she would try to win, and even mentioned this in her interview with Caesar Flickerman, revealing to the whole nation how special Prim was to her.

In the Quarter Quell, Katniss faced a small but terrifying "pack" of mutts: jabberjays. The jabberjays were designed to mimic the voices of a tribute's loved one, and scream out in peril and pain. Katniss would've  easily avoided the jabberjay sector of the arena if the mutts hadn't copied Prim's voice. When Katniss heard the jabberjay's screams and believed Prim was in danger, she abandoned everyone to try and save her little sister.


This special friendship becomes even more sacred when Prim realizes it's her turn to try and take care of Katniss. One of the very first scenes we see in Mockingjay Part 1 is Prim brushing out Katniss' hair in the hospital. Within the first two minutes of the movie, we see how much Prim cares for Katniss, and how their roles are starting to reverse.

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Prim also reminds Katniss of her power when she tells her she can ask for anything she wants from President Coin.

"Katniss, I don't think you understand how important you are to the cause. Important people usually get what they want. If you want to keep Peeta safe from the rebels, you can."
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Thanks to Prim's wisdom, Katniss was able to negotiate a deal with Coin to rescue Peeta and the other victors, and in turn became The Mockingjay.

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gif by johannas.tumblr.comMockingjay Part 2 will show the growth and maturity of Katniss and Prim's relationship.

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"I look at my little sister and think how she has inherited the best qualities our family has to offer: my mother's healing hands, my father's level head, and my fight. There's something else there as well, something entirely her own. An ability to look into the confusing mess of life and see things for what they are. "

And for those familiar with the books, Mockingjay Part 2 will also almost certainly break our hearts. Katniss and Prim - two of our favorite #THGBFFs.

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