Textiles by aleksandra gaca Our Fabric Surrounds You.  We Make the Material Of Your Lives.

Textiles are flexible materials made of a network of natural or artificial fibers – and you couldn’t live without them. District 8 produces the textiles that impact every moment of our lives. The clothing we wear, the clean water we drink, the sports we play, our health, and the safety of our cities are all possible through innovation in textiles. Textile innovation has shaped the course of Panem - It’s the fabric that surrounds us!

The role of textiles is woven into the story of human evolution and civilization. Like food and shelter, clothing is a basic human requirement. When ancient cultures discovered the advantages of woven fibers over animal hides, the making of cloth emerged as one of humankind's fundamental technologies. From the earliest hand-held spindle and hand loom, to the highly automated spinning machines and power looms of today, the principles of turning fiber into cloth have remained constant. Today we spin complex synthetic fibers, but they are still woven together the way cotton and flax were millennia ago.


Textiles are versatile and universal; they can be as soft as a child’s shirt and as strong as a Peacekeeper’s uniform. Can textiles save your life? Absolutely! Peacekeepers rely on textiles to keep them safe. Peacekeepers uniforms are made of Nano-layers applied to natural fibers that selectively block hazardous gases and minuscule contaminants, but are strong enough to withstand a grenade blast. Textiles, protecting our Peacekeepers so they can protect YOU!




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