The Warmth and Light of Your Home, Fueled by Coal. We Are the Fire That Ignites Your Life!

As you journey through the coalfields of District 12, you will pass through deep valleys, follow rushing streams and rivers, and find yourself surrounded by some of Panem's most breathtaking scenery. The glorious mountains, charming people, and deep rooted traditions are just a few of the appeals that make District 12 such an enchanting place to live.

District 12 is home to a brave and hardy people who carve rich lives of joy and toil. Noble mountaineers unaffected by modern times, ripe with rugged self-sufficiency and a commitment to honest endeavor.

Now more than ever you must remember the importance of our system and the greater good it creates. Embrace the sweat on your brow and the sores on your fingers. Allow the soot to settle along your feet. You are the light that shines in the coal mines you venture. Take pride in your scars of labor, for they are labors of love for your country.

No citizen is too young to support the constructive efforts of the Mining District, and in turn, the gallant efforts of Panem. Look to young Lily Elsington (above) as a shining example of this District, who channels her hope and optimism toward Panem’s peaceful future


The people of District 12. Photos by John Dominis/Time & Life PictureA district rich with the spirit and strength of the region's worthy forebears. Early Natives taught this region's first settlers how to plant and cultivate crops and passed down their knowledge of the medicinal properties of hundreds of native herbs and roots, and how to prepare healing tonics from such plants. This district still practices the ancient art of healing in quaint local apothecaries and the homes of local "healers." 


The charming natural healing customs of D12
The economy of District 12 is synonymous with coal mining. Thousands of hard-working miners labor daily to produce the coal which fuels modern Panem. After their education is complete, young men of District 12 begin to work alongside their senior brethren, learning this vital craft. The coal mines of District 12 produce the abundant and economical fuel which makes Panem the world's industrial power. Their pride and commitment is truly the warmth and light of our lives!