The Power of Panem. We Keep Panem Humming!


"Electric, solar and nuclear - District 5 harnesses the energy of the earth and the sky to power our great nation."

We’ll leave the light on for you - in fact, you couldn’t flip a switch or press a button in Panem without the energy from District 5. Power and light provide the basis for modern life. No one should be powerless, and the citizens of D5 work hard to ensure you’re never left in the dark, or out in the cold.

The power of District 5 helps you around the home, fueling modern conveniences like the electric washing pods, dish sterilization systems, touch-screen organization panels, and air-cooling units. We wouldn’t have dinner at the touch of a button, or programmable wardrobes without D5 innovation. District 5 makes your life easier.


Where would we be without electronics? The power of District 5 brings radio and television into the home. These inventions are a radical transformation of our world, as events in the remotest areas of Panem can be brought to you as they happen. District 5 brings us closer together.

District 5’s power keeps perimeters tight. Forcefields and charged fencing keep dangerous predators out of our precious cities, protecting those you hold near and dear. It’s a Capitol priority to keep your loved ones secure, and we couldn’t do it without the energy produced in District 5. District 5 keeps you safe!


District 5, The Power of Panem. 

Source Opening quote: The Hunger Games Tribute Guideby Emily Seife
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Ultra modern kitchen
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