From our Amber Waves to Your Table. We Fill Panem's Breadbasket.

Wholesome food produced from nature is the cornerstone of a healthy Panem. District 9 cultivates and mills the most nutrient-rich grain possible and takes pride in providing this fertile harvest to our nation. In Panem’s bread bowl, real nutrition and a thriving country live hand in hand.

Grains were among man’s first crops, tolerating harsh environments and offering versatility in cooking. Ancient civilizations believed that grains were so important that each particular grain was said to be a gift from the gods. Today, wheat, rye, barley, corn, oats, and spelt are just a handful of the many glorious grains grown in District 9. Packed with flavor and affordability, these healthy foods are a culinary jewel.  


While each district makes it’s own specialty bread, District 9 produces and mills the grain from which it is baked. More than half of the grains cultivated in District 9 are used to nourish our citizens, but grains are also used in a variety of useful products such as cooking oils, fuel, cosmetics, and spirits. Grains sustain us and enhance our lives!

 From seed to spoon, from field to family, District 9 fills Panem’s bread bowl.