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Solid, Dependable. Our Timber Will Weather Any Storm.

Often hailed as the untameable west, rugged District 7 supplies us with all the lumber our great nation needs to remain stalwart and strong. 

Evergreen forests stretch as far as the eye can see, and are home to hundreds of species of trees, from the simple Douglas Fir to the perfumed Hemlock. Rot-resistant Larch and fireproof Pines tower high above the hardy labor teams working tirelessly from sunrise to sunset harvesting only the best timber for export to our illustrious Capitol. 

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District 7 boasts work crews over a hundred strong from each of its fifteen lumberyards. From these lumberyards, white pine can be transformed into strong masts for District 4 boats, and oak is cut into support beams for District 12’s deep coal mines. 

While they are nimble and small, District 7 children are entrusted with a handsaw and encouraged to exercise their young muscles by trimming branches off the trees brought down by their lumberjack parents. Tree felling truly is a family business here in Panem's seventh district! 

Image courtesy Boston Public LibraryOnce our young helpers are eligible for reaping at the age of 12, they graduate from the saw to their very own single bit hatchet, or small axe. Is it any wonder that our Tributes often take to the Cornucopia in search of such an advantageous weapon?

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The western coast of this wild district boasts glacier carved bays, where Panem's expert craftsmen sculpt wood as easily as clay, making exquisite items for your homes. Many of the inhabitants of the southern-most bays work diligently in the Paper Mills, feeding in pulp and shipping out the pages on which our posters and fashion magazines are printed.

Bitter winters and raging summers do nothing to harm the bountiful harvest of District 7's apple and pear trees. Our tough citizens weather snowstorms and heat waves alike with their heads down and noses to the grindstone. 

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Our local Hunger Games Victors are stereotypical of the solemn, robust and enduring nature of their home and people. We entrust our Tributes into their mentoring hands every year with respect and good faith. 

Johanna Mason, former Hunger Games Victor and current Mentor. Image courtesy CapitolCouture.PN

District 7 was written by Guest Writer, Arowana Flounder. The brilliant Ms. Flounder is an expert on District 7, and we encourage everyone to read her District 7 fanfiction entitled, Johanna Mason: They Will Never See Me Cry which you can find by clicking HERE. Also check out her original story, Archangels HERE. From Archangels:

One day someone coughed on the tube. Within six months, billions were dead.

A long time ago a virus gripped the world and brought mankind to its knees. Ninety-nine percent of the global population were struck down, leaving just us. The Good were taken to Heaven by the sickness, nicknamed The Rapture Flu, while the Unworthy were left to suffer the horrendous fever and the loss of their friends, family and neighbours. Denied entry to Paradise.

We are all the Unworthy and all we can do is work to be saved.

Or at least that's what we were told.

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