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You know how it feels when you come to the end of a great book, you start reading slower, putting off the inevitable end of the time you’ve spent in your new favorite world, with your new “friends.” We felt that way after reading The Hunger Games trilogy. We didn’t want to leave Panem, the incredible world Suzanne Collins created, or our new friends, especially our BFF, Katniss. So we created a place where you never have to leave Panem.

PanemPropaganda is a Hunger Games fan site and the largest online community of Hunger Games fans worldwide. We're your most updated source of movie and cast news, book info, fan art, edit, gifs and everything else from the world of The Hunger Games

Our merchandise is lovingly created by artists who just happen to be Hunger Games super-fans.

Fangirl and fanboy with us, won't you?


Molly Amberson

Co-Founder of PanemPropaganda
Editor and Director of Content

Josh Hutcherson (!), Tiffany (from and I (smiling but internally freaking out) I’ve had my nose buried in a book since I can remember. But, as a grown-up, I’d never read any YA fiction (I’m a grown-ass woman!) My friend Morgan forced me to read introduced me to The Hunger Games trilogy and, clearly, I’m still not over it. Outside of Panem, I wear a lot of hats as a business owner, avocado farmer (yes, really), wife, and mom to two kids and a dog. I just finished up a year of traveling around the world with my family and I write about parenting and philosphy in my spare (HAHAHAHA) time. I co-founded with my brother Dan McCall, and do a lot of of the writing and editing, tweeting, facebooking and tumbling for the site. But, lest I feel too self-important, my son just told me, “Mom, you’re not a writer, you’re a writer in air quotes. You're a google person! Get off twitter!”

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Dan McCall

Co-Founder of PanemPropaganda
Artisic Director

Meta Golding, Sam Claflin, Dan McCall, Mandy McCall, Bruno Gunn and Jena Malone Dan McCall is an award winning artist, designer, and the  founder of, one of the largest political parody brands in the world. Dan is also the Principal of design firm Ubiquities. Dan’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, ABC, Fox news, Le Monde Magazine, The Nation magazine, The Star Tribune, The Pioneer press,, BuzzFeed, Reason magazine, and dozens of other publications. Dan works with organizations like WikiLeaks, and Free Bradley Manning, to help build awareness about government overreach and illegalities. He just sued the NSA and DHS over his parody t-shirt - and WON! So, he's been a little busy making TV appearances lately.

He co-founded the site with his sister, Molly, designed the website, our original art, and all of our products (find them HERE).  


Angie P. 

Admin and Social Media Gamemaker

Hi. I'm Angie. Married mother of 4. Funloving fangirl (fan woman) Age is just a number, baby.




Admin and Social Media Gamemaker

Amber is a happily married stay at home mom of 4 (yes, 4) boys. She reads loads of YA and loves all things Everlark.



Writer and Social Media Gamemaker

I've loved reading ever since I was little, but I first read The Hunger Games trilogy in December 2013, after my friend made me see Catching Fire with her when it came out...which I’m ashamed to admit, since I thought they were a series just about kids fighting to the death, but clearly I was wrong! Now I’m in love with the entire series, and my favorite book is Mockingjay. I’m so happy that I finally read these books and that we have such a talented cast!

I live in the United States and I’m a senior in high school this year! I plan on majoring in either English or Film Studies with the dream of being an actress one day :) I joined Panem Propaganda in July of 2014 and as of right now I’m managing our Instagram page. I’m so excited to see where The Hunger Games will take us within the next few years!

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Kelsi Lynelle

Writer and Social Media Gamemaker

I have always loved reading and writing. Even as a child, I was always coming up with fantastical ideas for stories I could write, along with having my nose buried in a book. My dream day would be to spend the whole day curled up in bed amongst a pile of literature. *swoon* I read The Hunger Games when the book first came out and I remember thinking immediately: “this is going to be HUGE!” I fell in love with the story, as well as with the character of Katniss and the fire that burned within her, noting her courage and deep compassion for those who matter most to her. I admire Suzanne Collins for her excellent writing skills, for being able to tell such an incredible and timely story with such strong characters. I aspire to be able to write like that and to someday have even an iota of the effect on others as Suzanne and her story has had on me.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English Literature in December of 2014 and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Creative Writing. I am currently serving as a writer and editor here on the PanemPropaganda page and help to monitor and post to PP’s FaceBook page. I have two fur-babies, miniature dachshunds named Amy and Bandit. Finnick is my favorite THG character, and Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal. #Unite #Real #Tributes :)

You can follow me on twitter and Instagram:@kelsilouwho