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Catching Fire Fan Camp - Day 2

Josh Hutcherson made a surprise visit to Catching Fire Fan Camp today! He joined Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, and Jeffrey Wright at the table to sign for fans. Francis Lawrence made a surprise visit to Fan Camp right after that signing. The fan sites got to hang out in the press pit the entire time to take pictures. It was amazing for us to get such access to the cast! We were not even two feet away from them during the entire signing. The cast is so gracious and kind. We were surprised how much energy they had after their whirlwind press and European tour. 

Josh Hutcherson walking in to surprise the fans at Catching Fire Fan Camp. This video courtesy HG Girl on Fire.

The cast signing autographs for fans.

Sam, Jena and Jeffrey signing at Fan Camp. Photo courtesy The HobHeeeeere's Joshy!

Sam acting totally normal at the signing

Sandy from My Hunger Games, Tiffany from and I posing "with" Josh

So close I could smell him - delightful.

Francis surprises the fans!

Francis sees the big Mockingjay for the first timeThis is what he was looking at. It will be on fire tomorrow!

I met Francis! There we are!

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