We Make the Future Your Present. We're Moving Panem Forward!

As the most technologically advanced society in the world, Panem’s ever-moving progress hinges on the knowledge and ingenuity of our engineers and technological manufacturers.  Nowhere  is this truth displayed more prominently than in District 3, the technological heart of our nation

District 3 was carved out of part of the Old Territories, which ceded to Panem forces after being briefly held by anti-national rebels during the Dark Days rebellion in a fruitless attempt to capture our nation’s high-tech hub.

The District is the 7th most extensive and the 4th most populous of the 12 United Districts of Panem. Approximately 60 percent of D3’s residents live in the Manufacturing Settlement Area  (MSA), the center of transportation, business, and industry along the Southwest corner of the district.


District 3’s primary industrial focus is technology, including electrical equipment, computer and information technology, communications, appliances, aeronautics, advanced weapons systems, and biotech. The district also has a substantial heavy industrial sector, which is able to convert the many raw materials from throughout the country into useful products and components.

The old saying goes: District 3 is the "Laboratory of the World," and this couldn't be truer as its legions of scientists, engineers, and bio technicians have created the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in history.  On the campus of the Snow Technology Development Center, daily innovations bridge the nation of Panem to the future and increase wealth for Capitol and country.

Of course, great software architects and bioengineering minds don’t just develop overnight.  That’s why the District’s intense focus on technical education must begin very early on. Just before the age of 3, all District 3 youth are tested and ranked by their abilities for appropriate placement within the school system. The advanced placement children are then appropriated through an annual “district roundup,” where they are freed from the natural constraints and intellectual limitations of a family setting by living and training at a state-of-the-art educational facility managed by the Panem Advanced Technical Training system, or PATT. Here the very best minds are trained to build a bright future for the nation and share a lifetime comradery in achievement and service. 

After years of PATT training, graduates are then placed in any number of positions throughout the MSA in southwestern District 3.  Most typically move into various technology fields, while some find their way to prestigious institutions like Panem Biotech, which is at the forefront of genetic engineering and mutation science.