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Providing Luxury Goods To the Capitol.

We Keep the Capitol Beautiful.

The 1st District of our great nation, District 1’s magnificence, from it’s splendid high plane vistas, to its beautiful mountain views and stunning northern treks, makes it one of the most scenic places in all of Panem.

D1's geography stretches from the northern border of Capitol City to the Northern Wilds.  A diverse district, Southern D1 is flush with cosmopolitan merchant communities delivering the finest goods to Capitol City; while Highland D1sports the rugged beauty of vast mountainous stretches, flush with the natural resources to produce Panem’s finest luxury items.

District 1's Northeast border pushes against the Great Wilds of the North, protecting us all from barbaric foreign interlopers. It's well-placed position bordering such integral regions as District 3's technology hub, and District 7's Lumber mecca, allows D1 to acquire the finest materials of each of its neighbors for producing its treasures.  

Much of the beauty of our dear Capitol is due to the intrepid miners, manufacturers, and craftsmen of District 1. After registering for their first Hunger Games lottery at age twelve, every D1 child signs up for a trade school. Usually training to enter their parent’s profession, the children learn their academy’s discipline.  Each trade school has a specialty and several mandatory classes, such as economics and trade, which all the youths study. The future jewelers, milliners and haberdashers start their apprenticeship at age sixteen and have, on average, mastered their craft by the time their first child is born.

While all goods produced by the Districts are used nationally, District 1’s influence has the widest reach. Under the guidance of elite Capitol stylists, D1’s design plans are sent to its eleven sisters. From the caviar harvested in District 4, to the luxury cars engineered in District 3 and assembled in District 6, a multitude of District exports are instigated in District 1. 

Image by CapitolCouture.pnAlthough D11 grows incredibly delicious and nutritious produce, the genial climate of D1 allows it to host an expanse of vineyards that cultivate delicate fruit that would not survive the gentlest of D6 transport. Vintners of this wealthy District produce the nation-famous Snow grape, eponymous to our proud leader. Grown in the vineyards of the District’s southwest, this tender fruit is known for its robust, ethereal flavor and its lingering aftertaste.  Snow Wine is a staple of New Year’s parties across the nation; every family in Panem must indulge in this annual luxury.

While the clothing distributed throughout the nation is skillfully handmade in D8, the denizens of D1 make every original garment and accessory that has the honor of going to the Capitol.  There, the pieces are sold in Capitol boutiques or are shipped straight to the Commissioner of Personal Propriety for distribution to the First Family’s Stylists.  

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The fruit of District 1’s labors of love adorn the Panem elite.  We would like thank our Nation’s first District for continually feeding the Capitol’s hunger for splendor!
District 1, a shining jewel in Panem’s crown!
Guest writer, Kristie Petillo hails proudly from District 3. Ms. Petillo’s detailed knowledge of Panem has earned her the honor of Deputy Minister of Panem Patriotism. You can look forward to more District page updates from Ms. Petillo in the future. A humble servant to Panem’s flag, Kristie is an example of what hard work and loyalty can achieve. We salute you, Kristie Petillo!