Panem's Farm Families, Keeping Food On Your Table!

District 11 is blessed with a climate that allows tremendous opportunities for farmers. With most of the district having mild winters and hot summers, virtually any crop can be grown successfully somewhere within the district. Orchard fruits, nuts and berries, vegetables, grains and cotton, no matter where you travel in District 11, you'll see some form of agricultural production. 

Farming is one of mankind’s original jobs, and those who till the soil have always been stewards of the land. District 11's family farmers take great pride in their work. Children begin to work alongside their parents as soon as they can walk, experiencing many facets of life and work in all aspects of farming. 
Agriculture has seen great changes through the years, and District 11's farmers have adapted.  They continue to provide diverse agricultural products to The Capitol and to all districts of Panem. But farming today is more than just growing crops. Farming truly feeds our nation.
In turn, we in the Capitol go to great lengths to protect that land and the surrounding environments. Modern conservation and best production practices help to protect the land and grow safer, healthier crops - for you! An intricate, high-tech network of protection, processing, and distribution moves agricultural commodities from the farmer to the Panem consumer.  All these work together to provide you with the safest, most abundant, and most secure food supply in Panem. Panem's farm families - Keeping Food on Your Table!