100 Days of Mockingjay Week 4 - Hunger Games Cosplay & More #CCTHG


The Hunger Games
 trilogy obviously isn’t a film about fashion, yet fashion definitely plays a part in the narrative. Consider the role that Katniss’ Mockingjay suit plays in the rebel propaganda, the fact that one of the most beloved characters (Cinna) is a stylist, and another (Effie) is one of the most sartorially original characters ever seen on-screen. The Capitol’s obsession with the ever-changing latest styles and body modification are a reoccuring theme throughout the trilogy, visually illustrating the divide between the districts and The Capitol.


Katniss cosplay by starbit cosplay

Effie cosplay by FLovett.

The Hunger Games books and movie franchise provide a rich spectrum of opportunity for the cosplayer, from District 12's spare and vintage looks to the full-on opulence of Capitol Couture. Over the years, we've seen every iteration of Katniss, oodles of Effies, a profusion of Peetas, they've all come to life in your cosplay.


Rhiannon's tattoo thanks to

The desire to adorn yourself in the spirit of The Hunger Games goes way beyond costumes. We've seen a multitude of gorgeous Hunger Games tattoos, beautiful nail art, amazing hairstyles and stunning Hunger Games-inspired make-up. There are so many different ways to creatively express your love of the series.

Mockingjay Nail art by NailedItInNZ

This week - Wed, Sept  2 - Tues, Sept 7 - is all about your version of Capitol Couture: Hunger Gamescosplay, hair, make-up, nail art, tattoos, etc. Show us your cosplay pics! Or have you gone totally Capitol and modified your body with a Hunger Games tattoo? We’d love to see photos! Have you done crazy Capitol make-up, Hunger Games nails, or even a Katniss braid? This is the week to share those pics with us on social media with the hashtag #CCTHG.

With every new weekly theme comes a new GIVEAWAY. This week, in keeping with our cosplay theme we're giving you the chance to win a handknit Katniss cowl made by ChubbyChubs and a black Mockingjay pin. 

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The Hunger Games Cosplay: More Than Costumes - It's Community

By Kayla Dixon

Kayla Dixon wrote such a moving story on cosplay for our #MyTHGStory Week that we wanted to share it with everyone! Here she talks about finding much more than just a new skill in creating a costume from Catching Fire.

If it wasn’t for the Hunger Games franchise I never would have gotten into cosplay or rediscovered the community in which I belong. I had been feeling quite lost after a medical discharge from the Navy. In the 10 years I was in, I had lost who I was and didn’t know how to define myself. Prior to the Navy there were no real "fandoms" or cosplay, just kids in school that liked shows, and were considered ‘weird’ for wearing costumes any time other than Halloween. I didn’t like the other students making fun of me, but I was determined to stay true to myself because that is what my other ‘weird’ friends had taught me to do. They were a massive support system to me that said ‘hey, you are awesome the way you are.’  The Navy didn’t have that kind of community. I tried to bring up my favorite show when I was in, and I was laughed at for being a ‘dork and a loser’. 

So I hid that part of myself away until after I had gotten out, and someone mentioned a series called The Hunger Games. The books had already been out and the first movie had made its rounds in the theatre.  I quickly read the books (in 3 days) and then watched the first movie. I was hooked immediately.  

What really blew me away was the costuming. Catching Fire is what really started to spark my interest in cosplay and led me back to being who I was. I started out with probably one of the hardest costumes to replicate, the beautiful wedding dress Katniss wears. I had never created a costume before but for some reason knew exactly where to start.  At the same time, I was filled with doubt when it came to completing the costume; what if it didn’t come out the way I had envisioned it? What if I didn’t have the money to complete it? How would I even create something so extravagant? I worked hard, gluing foil to pipe cleaners, shaping the metal work on the bust, adding 50 yards of tulle. Three months later I was finished. It wasn’t exactly like the dress in the movie (since the film wasn't out yet), but I worked within my budget and was blown away by what I was able to make.   


I was excited about what I created but hesitant to share it because the internet can be a cruel place. I decided to do it anyways to push my comfort level. The first page I submitted it to I was relentlessly torn apart. I figured it was the just that page though and decided to keep sending it out there. I submitted the final product to The Official Hunger Games Halloween costume contest in 2013 and was chosen as one of the eight winners. I got compliments from everyone anytime I wore it. I couldn't walk a few feet at Comic-Con without getting my photo taken. I had never felt more at home in my life. These people understood me and supported me and encouraged my creative processes. I wasn’t made fun of nor was I alienated because I had a passion for my chosen fandom. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. I honestly wish that kind of encouragement would have been around when I was younger. 

I love the Hunger Games fandom and am sad to see the movies come to an end. But I am so thankful that there was even a Hunger Games to speak of. It has introduced me to so many amazing people that I now consider my friends and brought me back to where I belonged. 

Be sure to say hello to Kayla on her facebook page The Girl On Fire Cosplay.


This week in our 100 Days of Mockingjay celebration we're talking about Hunger Games cosplay, tattoos, make-up, hair and nail art. Find out how you can participate on social media and enter our giveaway for a Katniss cowl and black Mockingjay pin HERE



The Hunger Games Inspires One Tribute To Reveal Her Inner Cinna


By Sarita

In 2011, I was first introduced to The Hunger Games by my friend. She kept telling me that she believed that I would really like it but I continually pushed it aside because she loved Twilight and I couldn't care less about it. At that time I had also decided I was intensely against popular books because I didn't want to be incredibly mainstream (lame, I know).

At the end of 2011, we had to read any book of our choice in English class so I gave in and chose The Hunger Games. During that hour in class I instantly became hooked. I read from the second I got home from school until around 7pm and finished the entire book. I couldn't wait to get Catching Fire and Mockingjay so I begged my dad to take me to the bookstore. Luckily it was a Friday so the entirety of Saturday was spent finishingCatching Fire and Sunday on Mockingjay straight through.

The Hunger Games reignited my love of reading and got me through my difficult freshman year. To me, Katniss meant strength and getting through whatever obstacles are thrown your way. The Hunger Gamesshowed me that no matter what you should keep fighting because hope is stronger than fear. 

Not only did The Hunger Games reignite my love for reading, but at the start of high school I was beginning to realize my true passion was fashion and costume design. Looking through The Hunger Games, Cinna and the clothing he created undoubtedly made a large impact. Without him, Katniss wouldn't have been able to capture the large amount of attention she received. 

This past year, my senior year of high school, I drew up a ton of costume ideas for Katniss throughout the trilogy and even made one of the dresses I designed. I was inspired by the phrase 'Girl on Fire' as well as Katniss' fiery personality and illustrated an entire collection for it. By thinking of different objects associated with fire like sparks, embers, coal, smoke and of course flames, I was able to envision numerous possible outfits Katniss may have worn throughout her journey.


For the dress I created, I used my design for Katniss' dress in Catching Fire where she spins in her wedding dress and becomes the Mockingjay. I channeled bird like qualities in the dress using feathers and lace and by giving the illusion of wings with sheer gold fabric. Of course to match the pin itself, I added gold accents in the skirt. 

The Hunger Games has not only made me a greater, stronger person, but assisted in helping me try and become better at what I love to do. 

You can say hello to Sarita on twitter @SaritaRoseS  and instagram at @saritarose.

This week in our 100 Days of Mockingjay celebration we're talking about Hunger Games cosplay, tattoos, make-up, hair and nail art. Find out how you can participate on social media and enter our giveaway for a Katniss cowl and black Mockingjay pin HERE.  



How To Save A (Tribute's) Life: Francesca's Hunger Games Story

By Francesca-Maria

Can The Hunger Games save your life? Francesca-Maria certainly thinks so. We were so inspired by her #MyTHGStory a few weeks back, and the tattoos she got to symbolize her journey, that we wanted to share it with all of you.


Hello, my name is Francesca, I'm 19. Today I would like to share my Story with you Tributes and tell you howThe Hunger Games saved my life. It must sound crazy, I know that. How can a book series and a movie can save somebodies life? But that is what happened.

I want to take you on a little time travel trip back to 2010 early summer. I got diagnosed with an eating disorder. I was starving myself to death and was admitted to our local hospital. One day, my Mom (visiting me) asked me if there is anything she could get me, anything I need or want, and I told her, "Please get me a book." I needed something to do, and she said okay. She asked if there was a certain book I wanted, but I said "No. Just something you think is good. I don't care." 

The book that she brought me happened to be The Hunger Games. When I saw the name on the book, I didn’t want to read it because I figured it was a story about someone also who was struggling with the same problem that I was. I didn’t need to read anything about that. But my Mom said, "Go ahead and read it anyway. You will see that it is not about what you are dealing with."  (She had already read it).

So I started reading and got so engrossed in the story that I couldn’t put the book down. After I had finished all three of the books, I started thinking about Katniss and how she had to fight for her life and the lives of her family. I started thinking that my life with this disorder was like the book. That the disorder was the Capitol and I was Katniss, and I had to fight for my life. Also, the movies were a big help. When the first movie came out, I asked my Mom to take me. She did agree only on one condition that I would eat some popcorn, something I hadn’t eaten in over two years. I wanted to see the movie so badly that I agreed with her. 

So it went on, year after year I fought, I watched the movies re-read the books for inspiration each time I felt bad and thought 'I’m not worth it.'
I also got the best role model a girl could ever imagine. I am so, so, so thankful for what our amazing Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss did for me although she doesn’t even know me. She is also a major reason that I am where I am at in my life today and maybe one day I will be able to tell her that in person. 
Now after five years since the diagnosis and treatment of my disorder I can proudly say that I’m back & living my life again.

Suzanne Collins, you are my hero, you wrote the books that saved my life, and Francis Lawrence you made them real for me. There is no way to describe fully what The Hunger Games means to me. It is a huge part of my life and always will be!

Thanks also to The Hunger Games fandom, without you guys I wouldn’t have made it either. You are amazing and like family to me! I want every little boy and girl out there to know that you are perfect as you are and being different than the rest does not mean that you're not worth the same. Be proud of yourself no matter what, you are perfect and awesome just the way you are, and something or somebody will come along to light up your day and be your silver lining. For me, it happened to be a book series and an amazing and talented actress as well as my family and friends.

Just remember as Effie would say, "CHINS UP, SMILES ON!"

I love you ♥  

Say hello to Francesca on twitter @JoultLover.



This week in our 100 Days of Mockingjay celebration we're talking about Hunger Games cosplay, tattoos, make-up, hair and nail art. Find out how you can participate on social media and enter our giveaway for a Katniss cowl and black Mockingjay pin HERE


44 Photos That Prove There's A Hunger Games Tattoo For Everyone

Tributes are a dedicated bunch, and many of you have the Hunger Games tattoos to prove it. From tiny arrows to full-on flaming Mockingjay sleeves, you are showing your love for The Hunger Games in all different ways.

Whether you're shopping for a new tattoo idea, or just like to marvel at some people's commitment to the series, take a look at 44 of the coolest Hunger Games tattoos we've seen. 



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