From the Pasture to the Plate, We Drive the Herd to You!

An efficient and prosperous animal agriculture has historically been the mark of an advanced nation, and Panem is the world’s leader in livestock production. District 10 supplies the livestock that produces stronger, healthier Panem citizens.

Cattle and dairy cows, goats, pigs, sheep, waterfowl and poultry are all part of District 10’s livestock family, providing Panem’s meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products. Additionally, many livestock farmers specialize in breeding, developing new and superior hybrid breeds to increase the quantity and quality of milk, meat, and eggs.
But District 10 doesn’t only provide food to Panem. You might be surprised at all the essential products that originate here. The hides and hair of some animals are used for furniture, shoes, clothing, handbags, rugs, blankets, and brushes. Hooves and horns are used for buttons, combs, glue, and knives. Duck and goose feathers are used for pillows and insulated clothing. Eggs are used in paint and medical vaccines. Some livestock organs are used for medicines. The waste from D10 animals is used as fertilizer. Even bees are raised for their honey in District 10.
Production goes hand in hand with farming in D10. State-of-the-art packing plants process and package the meat and food that nourishes the people of Panem. These high-tech facilities also yield a variety of by-products. These by-products are shipped to other districts who, in turn, create the range of goods Panem uses every day.
Livestock farming has been part of District 10’s heritage for an age. This region provides the healthy foundation on which our nation is raised. District 10, from the pasture to the plate, we drive the herd to you!
Top Image by Henry Schulte. Bottom Image by Lane Johnson