Keeping Panem In Motion. We'll Drive You There!

Our hovercraft, our high-speed and cargo trains, our vehicles, and our watercraft come to us from District 6. District 6 keeps our country moving!

District 6 manufactures vehicles, parts, and the infrastructure that supports them. The business of planes, trains, and automobiles plays an important role in sustaining the lives most Panem citizens lead—getting products made all over Panem to the Capitol and the Districts.

These days, nearly everything a Panem citizen consumes comes from elsewhere, often from a great distance! District 6 is inextricably incorporated into our lives. The secret to ancient cultures' success was their road system, which enabled easy transport; similarly, without Panem's extensive transport network, as well as the machines made in District 6 which run on them, Panem would collapse.

District 6 keeps Panem in motion!



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