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'Mockingjay Part 1,' Sam Claflin, and Julianne Moore in Empire's Winter Preview Issue

Sam Claflin and Julianne Moore talk Mockingjay Part 1 in the October issue of Empire Magazine. In Empire's Winter Preview Sam talks about living up to the first two Hunger Games films, while Julianne Moore remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman and says that Jennifer Lawrence is "very, very easy to love." There's also a small feature on Sam's upcoming film, The Riot Club.


Julianne Moore recently came full circle after filming a prominent role in the last installments of The Hunger Games - the fourthcoming two-parter Mockingjay - where she worked for a final time with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Moore features as President Alma Coin, another high-profile co-star for Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss. "I did the bulk of my work on the film with Phil," she says, quietly. Hoffman was her friend and co-star from Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski and Magnolia. "He had pretty much completed shooting, so I had done all my work with him..."Her voice trails off, a cue for Empire to move on.

She must've also enjoyed re-teaming with Hunger Games mainstay Woody Harrelson, we inquire (the two having worked together on The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio and the TV picture Game Change, where Moore played Sarah Palin)? "Oh yes," she coos. "It was great fun to be with Woody and sometimes you forgot you were in this dystopian fantasy. Then someone would walk by with half their head shaved and there would be weird things coming out of the back of them and you were like, 'Oh yeah, this is a fantasy movie!'"

Moore's route into The Hunger Games came, somewhat predictably, through her two children. She picked up her daughter's copy of the first book in the series while on holiday, when her kids were playing table tennis. "I thought it was great and my children love these books, so for them it is very exciting for me to be in the franchise. Generally, I make movies that they can't see! And they both love Jennifer Lawrence. She is very, very easy to love."


Hack Into The Capitol.PN and Unlock Cressida's Confidential Case File

The mobile site promised us 5 "hacks" and number 1 arrived today shortly after the surprise release of the new "Rebel Warrior" Mockingjay Part 1 character posters. To hack TheCapitol.PN you will need your mobile device and a desktop computer. 

First: Go to on a browser on your device. If you're outside the US, you can try going directly to   if you have trouble. Connect with either twitter or facebook.

Second: Open TheCapitol.PN on your desktop computer. Enter the session ID number from the upper right corner of TheCapitol.PN into your device. 

You should then see this on your mobile device:

And your desktop will change to this:


Third: Touch "01 Hack Discovered" on your mobile device. You'll get this screen on your device. Touch initiate:

Fourth: Keep TheCapitol.PN open on your desktop computer screen while you complete the challenge. Lock your device screen to portrait and complete the gyroscopic challenge. (Just keep the blue line between the pie pieces):

Your desktop screen will change and start a countdown as you complete the challenge on your device. 

After successfully completing the challenge, your device will display this: 

And TheCapitol.PN will change Cressida's file from


Looks like The Capitol didn't get the intel correct on the spelling of Castor's name yet. But, what a freaking COOL mobile site. We're looking forward to the rest of the hacks we'll be unlocking in the coming weeks. Hopefully one of them will be Katniss?!?!?

Thanks to our friends at and WelcomeToDistrict12 for their help and advice on unlocking the hacks. They OBVIOUSLY hail from District 3, so make sure to follow them!


Meet the Rebels! New 'Mockingjay Part 1' Character Posters

Thanks to Wired we've got our first look at the "Rebel Warriors" of Mockingjay Part 1. Check out members of Star Squad 451 in uniform with the awesome new black mockingjay symbol in the background. We can't wait to see Katniss' poster with those wings looking like they're coming out of her back  - now we see where that stylistic change Francis Lawrence talked about in EW is going. It will be the warrior version of the mockingjay dress Cinna created for Katniss in Catching Fire.

The "Rebel Warriors" posters feature Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, Natalie Dormer as Cressida, Mahershala Ali as Boggs, Wes Chatham as Castor, Elden Henson as Pollux and Evan Ross as Messalla. 


Natalie Dormer and Woody Harrelson at the Emmys

Mockingjay Part 1 cast members Natalie Dormer (Cressida) and Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy) attended the 2014 Emmy awards last night. Woody was nominated for his work in True Detective. He didn't win but was pretty fabulous while presenting the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. My new motto is going to be "Just forget about it." Thanks, Woody! 

Natalie was there in support of Game of Thrones who were shut out at the Primetime Emmys yet again. Boo. 



TNT Secures Television Rights to 'The Hunger Games' Franchise

TNT recently secured the television rights to The Hunger Games and Divergent movie franchises in a deal with Lionsgate. Confused? Me too. We announced recently that ABC Family was to air The Hunger Games on network TV this October and had also secured the rights to air Catching Fire
The new deal with TNT gives them the right to air the movies after ABC Family's window. The Hunger Games will air on TNT in winter 2015, with Catching Fire following in winter 2016, Mockingjay Part 1 airing in 2017, and Part 2 in 2018.

The deal also includes network premiere windows for Divergent and sequel Insurgent, which hits theaters in March 2015, plus two additional follow-up films.

This deal comes into effect after the pay TV window for both franchises and ABC Family's airings. EPIX has first-run pay TV rights to The Hunger Games franchise, with the first film and Catching Fire currently available through Epix's cable channel, On Demand service, website and apps. HBO has first-run pay TV rights for the Divergent franchise.

So, basically, The Hunger Games franchise is popular enought that networks are buying and re-buying the rights to the franchise and it will be on television forever. 

The Hunger Games airs on ABC Family October 10th, 11th and 12th at 8pm ET/PT.