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Natalie Dormer Twitter Q&A #Ask Cressida

Natalie Dormer did a twitter Q & A bright and early this morning via Lionsgate UK. If you were trapped behind the wheel commuting to work or school or slept in a little too late, we've got the entire transcription for you here:

@FR_HungerGames: Except Cressida, who is your favorite character in the whole saga?

Katniss Everdeen, our heroine!

@MrDSelenator: how did it feel when everything came to an end and ‘cut’ was called on the final scene?

It felt satisfying. I knew we’d all worked really hard for 9 months & was excited to see it come together.

@silentpolaroids: describe cressida in three words & do you see yourself in these words?

Cool. Revolutionary. Visual. Probably not she’s a bit too calm & controlled. Though we’re both passionate.

@WCKDCAPlTOL: what can we expect of this movie?

An epic conclusion of the saga! A grand finale.

@teyrgaryen: What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?

That would be hard, because when Jennifer and Woody are around there are jokes happening all the time!

@PianoFreak9: What do you think the most important thing to take away from this series is? 

A strong female protagonist. It’s one step forward in equality that a protagonist can also be a heroine. That you can have an entertainment movie that is also about serious matters.

@sunset0range: Did you take any souvenirs from the set? if so what??

A haircut..!

@NadyaLoebis: What advice would you give to your character for survival? 

I’d tell her to just be herself, she is enough, she just has to be her.

@silentpolaroids: Which one was more challenging for you to film Part 1 or Part 2?

To us it felt like the same movie because we shot it all in one go, which is a gift as an actor.

@artisjoshifer: Can you do the mockingjay whistle? 

I can verify that I just did it on a podcast. I think I nailed it but daren’t attempt it twice in one day!

@jen_hutcherson: What was your favorite place to shoot? 

I loved being in Paris and Berlin; there were some really interesting old factories and barracks. Lots of interesting European architecture. They found some truly weird and wonderful places.

@TeamKatnissMVP: Cressida is an inspired film director. Is directing something you have ever been interested in? 

At the moment I’m more interested in possibly writing.

@regaldormer: How do you remember all your lines? 

I learn my lines by listening to them, I record them and listen back. Unlike Cressida, I learn by listening

@regaldormer: who is your favourite super hero and why?

I've always had a softspot for Batman, he's probably my favourite!

@Artur_Badino: Was being an actress a dream of little you?


@nataliedormcrs: tea or coffee?


@HeyylovesTayy: We don’t know much about Cressida’s past and how she became a rebel, was this difficult for you when it came to portraying her?

It was, me and all of the camera crew had to fill in the blanks.

@streamofcolours: Could you be friends with Cressida in real life? 

Yes, absolutely! I’d be honoured to be friends with her.

@ariannesmartell: What scene out of both Mockingjay films was the most fun to film? 

All of the running around and action was challenging but a lot of fun

@regaldormer: What is the best thing about your job? 

Getting into flat shoes and trousers and being able to run around – the physical side of the role.

@nataliedormcrs: Do you watch the movies/shows you work on? 

I like to watch my colleague’s performances. I watch them work up close & like to see how it’s cut together.

@cuddlyjoshifer: How does it feel knowing this is the conclusion to such a huge franchise? 

It’s time to finish the story & give Katniss some peace; she’s been striving for so long. 

PianoFreak9: What do you think the most important thing to take away from this series is.

A strong female protagonist. It’s one step forward in equality that a protagonist can also be a heroine. That you can have an entertainment movie that is also about serious matters.

@NDormerita: Who inspired you the most as an actress? 

Julianne Moore, to see her and work with her up close was extraordinary. An inspiring woman.

@everlarkfever: If you had the chance to talk to Cressida, what’s one thing you would say to her?

I’d want to talk about what happened to her family, what happened to her to make her revolutionary. On set, we all had different stories about what made the team turn on the capitol.

@xwithmyidols: What was your first feeling when you heard that you had to cut your hair ?

It was an important decision but a no-brainer if it meant being a part of the #HungerGames family. 


@kellywithayy: Why do you think Katniss is such an inspiration for young girls? 

She’s a real girl & she has weaknesses, as we all do. She’s a flawed hero that makes her human & relatable.

@silentpolaroids: If you could choose a super power which one would it be? 

That I could speak every language in the world, so that I could speak to fans all over the world! 

@inesibn: What’s one of your favorite quote from thg?




Sam Claflin for Flaunt Magazine

We've got some new photos of Sam Claflin from an upcoming issue of Flaunt Magazine thanks to


Liam Hemsworth at the Zurich Film Festival

Liam Hemsworth was at the Zurich Film Festival Saturday, Sept 26th for the premiere of his film The Dressmaker. Liam also had a press conference and photo call earlier in the day, and was the recipient of the Golden Eye Award recognizing him as "The New A-Lister." 

The Zurich Film Festival says of the award: ZFF’s Golden Eye Award stands to recognize achievement on the highest levels and in his case distinguishes young talent who have made their mark on a global scale and are on their way to become the new “A-Lister.” The award will be bestowed to Hemsworth on the evening of Saturday, September 26th at the Corso Cinema.

Congrats, Liam!

Pics from the press conference earlier in the day:



Samsung Announces Final 'Mockingjay Part 2' Trailer Will Preview At Best Buy Oct 2-4

UPDATED! Samsung has announced on their website that the final trailer for Mockingjay Part 2 will be previewed in US Best Buy stores October 2-4:

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE FINAL TRAILER ONLY AT A BEST BUY NEAR YOU FROM 10/2 – 10/4 and be the first to try The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience and Mockingjay App.

From October 2-4, fans who visit the Samsung Experience Shops inside more than 1,000 Best Buy locations can view a never-before-seen final Mockingjay Part 2 trailer on the Galaxy Tab S2, get a sneak peek at an immersive The Hunger Games virtual reality experience with Samsung Gear VR and check out the exclusive new Mockingjay app. Additionally, consumers who purchase the Galaxy Tab S2 will be given a digital download of the first three films in the Hunger Games franchise

The Samsung Gear VR headset will be priced at $99 and work with the full slate of 2015 Samsung Galaxy phones: Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, S6 and S6 Edge. Lionsgate is partnering with Samsung and Oculus to bring The Hunger Games to Gear VR. 

You can find a Best Buy near you on the Samsung website

UPDATE: The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience in New York City:

In addition, During October 9-11The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience (powered by Samsung) premieres in its entirety at an event in New York City.  Fans will be taken on a 6-minute, 360-degree immersive journey through some of the defining moments of The Hunger Games film franchise using the Samsung Gear VR headset. The VR experience takes viewers through Katniss’ journey throughout the The Hunger Games series.

UPDATE: The Samsung Presence at the MockingjayPart 2 Premiere in Los Angeles:

Also noted in a press release on 9/29/15: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 will have its US premiere in Los Angeles November 16th. On the red carpet, Samsung will have an exclusive fan bleacher section to reward "certain Galaxy owners" and The Hunger Games fans with experiencing the premiere.

This sounds to us like the L.A. premiere will be the same protocol as last year: no fan camp, possibly an opportunity for fans to access the premiere via Samsung contests, owners opportunities, purchases, or a line-up the day of the premiere. We will update you with any confirmation as we get it.

We will be at a Best Buy location bright and early on Friday AM, of course. 

What do you think, tributes?



Jennifer Lawrence's "Hometown Hero" Banner Revealed in Downtown Louisville

Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence received special recognition in downtown Louisville on Saturday morning. A “Hometown Hero” banner honoring Jen was revealed at the Kentucky Center for The Performing Arts. The banner was made possible by a group of young fans calling themselves Lawrence's Ladies. They raised money for the banner by creating a GoFundMe page. The banner is the latest in the Greater Louisville Pride Foundation’s “Louisville’s Hometown Heroes” series. The banners honor famous Louisville natives and events. 

Images thanks to @PhotograTom.


“No one seeing them could doubt their love.“ - Finnick and Annie

Edit by etherealfinnick on tumblr

Guest post by Jessica aka EtherealFinnick

Odesta is my favorite ship and always will be.  

Finnick and Annie’s relationship is up to much interpretation and one’s own ideas about how it started and progressed, but no matter how one thinks their love story began, this is certain: they are each other’s whole entire world.  These are two people who have been dehumanized to no end.  Finnick has been seen as nothing but a sex symbol and an object for the Capitol citizens to do with what they want, while Annie has been diminished to just a “mad girl.”  I think a big part of their relationship was making each other feel human again after everything they’d been through and finding a kind of peace and family together.  And even though one doesn’t know how they met or how long they knew each other, it’s easy to tell how much Finnick and Annie care for each other through scenes like the jabberjay attack, the reunion, and their wedding.  Finnick and Annie had a completely mutual need for one another that, in my opinion, is unparalleled to any other ship I’ve seen.  They were each other’s rocks, the one person that they loved more than anything else in the world.  

I love that they adore each other so much and that after all they’ve been through, just being able to be together is enough for them.  They really are indivisible.

A huge thank you to PanemPropaganda for giving me a chance to share my love for my absolute favorites, Finnick and Annie.  Also a big shout out to my friends and everyone in the odesta community on tumblr who are so imaginative and loving as well as everyone in The Hunger Games fandom!  Let’s make the days leading up to Mockingjay Part 2 great, as well as the time after <3



Katniss & Peeta in 'Mockingjay' Are a Question on Geeks Who Drink

Katniss and Peeta in Mockingjay were the subject of a question on episode 10 of the Syfy show Geeks Who Drink. **SPOILERS** DO NOT WATCH if you haven't read the book! But we had to share because it's EVERLARK, people! And we're talking about shipping this week. Could not be more perfect. 



The Hunger Games Arrives on Dubsmash With Chances to Win

The Hunger Games is on Dubsmash! Select your favorite Hunger Games sounds & share yours with #THGDubsmash across social media for the chance to win a Mockingjay Part 2 poster!

UK tributes, there's something special for you. This is the chance you've been waiting for... Head to Dubsmash to record your Hunger Games dub and share it with The Hunger Games UK in the comment box of this post to WIN tickets to the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere, as well as some other incredible prizes! May the odds be ever in your favour. Be sure to read the T&Cs: The contest is open to UK residents 15 and older.