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Francis Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Julianne Moore Honored at Cinema Con

Francis Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Julianne Moore were presented with honors at the "CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards" ceremony on Thursday, April 23, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Francis Lawrence received the "Director of the Year" award. He spoke with about Mockingjay Part 2 during the festivities. See that awesome video here

Elizabeth Banks took home the "Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year" Award for her work directing Pitch Perfect 2

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Sneak Peek Inside The Hunger Games Exhibition + Tickets Officially on Sale

The Hunger Games Exhibition tickets have officially gone on sale to the public. Previously available for pre-sale only, the interactive exhibit opens in New York City July 1st and remains at Discovery Times Square until January 3rd 2016. The exhibition will be traveling after the New York stop and we'll keep you posted as to where as soon as we find out! has been updated with new information about the individual exhibition areas and, thanks to Lionsgate, we have our first peek of The Hob inside the District 12 area. 

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District 12 is the home of Katniss Everdeen and the entry point into the world of Panem. Journey through the Hob, see the Everdeen family house and the Hall of Justice, explore Panem via an interactive map, and more.

Beyond the District 12 area visitors will experience:

Tribute Train

Come aboard the high-speed train that sweeps Katniss away from District 12 and opens her eyes to the world of Panem. Featuring plenty of ‘mahogany,’ see the intricate set dressings and props that offer a first glimpse of the Capitol’s opulence and splendor.

The Capitol

Explore the wonder and opulence of the Capitol, from President Snow’s balcony to the tribute parade chariot to the lavish victory party held at Snow’s mansion. Visit Cinna’s design studio, complete with Cinna’s prized sketchbook and the Girl on Fire dress, and even sit down for an interview with Capitol TV’s Caesar Flickerman.

Making The Games

Highlighting the arts and science of The Hunger Games, this high tech zone is dedicated to the games themselves. Honor the tributes, test your knot tying and stunt skills, and explore the technology behind the games – from muttations to force fields – at the interactive Gamemakers’ table.

District 13

Venture into rebel territory and join the fight! Create a “propo” (propaganda film) to fuel the revolution, view the latest advancements in Beetee’s lab, and learn more about life in the underground district.

Katniss' Journey

Celebrate Katniss’s brave transformation from tribute to the Mockingjay in this moving finale. See Katniss’s most iconic costumes up close, including the Mockingjay dress and the Mockingjay armor, see pivotal moments from the films, and be completely inspired by the power of one person to change the world.

Fan Gallery

See first-hand how the story of the Mockingjay has become a global phenomenon and fan sensation in this zone featuring real fan art. Who knows? Maybe your masterpieces will make the gallery! 

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition celebrates the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise and Katniss’s epic journey like never before. This dynamic exploration of the art, science, pageantry and history of the world of Panem features iconic costumes, props, and set recreations that highlight the technological wizardry and amazing artistry that brought this world to life. High-tech, hands-on interactives let you dive into exciting behind-the-scenes content, engage deeply with the world of the films, and discover a whole new side of the stories that took the world by storm.

To purchase tickets and for more info visit The Hunger Games: The Exhibition.


Willow Shields is Alice in Wonderland on Dancing With The Stars "Disney Night"

Willow Shields and Mark Ballas did what Mark calls "one of his favorite dances ever," an Alice in Wonderland performance on Dancing with the Stars "Disney Night" last night! Yes, that is Mark Ballas as the white rabbit. The judges liked Team Markingjay's trip down the rabbit hole, giving them a score of 34/40. They're now the top scoring couple of the season so far. 

No matter how wonderful Willow is, she can't stay in the game without our votes!

Here's a little voting refresher:

Be sure to vote while the show airs in your time zone and for an hour after the show airs by phone at 1-855-234-5612. You can vote at (you'll need to create an account), or on the Dancing with the Stars FB page from 8pm EST Mon until 8pm EST Tuesday. The judges are only 50% of the score. We need to vote! 


'Mockingjay Part 1' Wins 2 MTV Movie Awards

Mockingjay Part 1 took home 2 MTV Movie Awards last night, but the best part of the show was Elizabeth Banks' appearance as a no f@*ks giving Effie Trinket in the opening skit. She's on at the 3:36 mark


The two Mockingjay Part 1 awards were actually announced before the show aired. Jennifer Lawrence won Best Musical Moment for The Hanging Tree and Elizabeth Banks won Best On-Screen Transformation for her performance as Effie Trinket. 

Thank you #Mockingjay fans for voting for me @MTV #MovieAwards I LOVE U #Effie

Willow Shields attended the awards and looked stunning in a Mockingjay book cover-esque light blue Bibhu Mohapatra dress. 

Liam Hemsworth was also at the awards, but only photographed backstage. Maybe he tagged along with brother Chris, who was there to support The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Robert Downey Jr. (winner of the Generation Award).

Liam and Kelly Osborne


The Hunger Games Exhibition Ticket Pre-Sale is Now Open

The Hunger Games: the Exhibition ticket pre-sale opened this morning. If you pre-registered at, you should have received an email today with a link and code for purchasing your tickets before the general public on April 21st. Check your spam folders! 

THE HUNGER GAMES: THE EXHIBITION opens July 1st, 2015 and runs through Jan 3rd, 2016 at Discovery Times Square in New York City. Reserved tickets are $29.50 for adults and $45.38 for VIP tickets, which you can purchase without the pre-sale code. One VIP ticket will grant you a one-time front-of-the-line exhibition entry at any time the exhibition is open to the public. There is no need to make a reservation; visit at your convenience. Along with your VIP ticket, you will also receive one on-site mobile guide and 10% off of merchandise in the gift shop.

More about The Exhibition:

The exhibit will ignite fans of the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise as never before. Immersive themed environments, hundreds of authentic costumes and props, and highly interactive digital and hands-on experiences will invite visitors to step inside and explore the world of Panem as created by the films. Guests will follow Katniss Everdeen's inspirational journey, from her humble beginnings in District 12 to her emergence as the Mockingjay, sparking curiosity and excitement, as the real-world themes underpinning the stories and the technological wizardry and amazing artistry that carried them to the screen are revealed.

Lionsgate is Developing 'The Odyssey' Adaptation With The Hunger Games Team 

Peter Craig, Nina Jacobson and Francis Lawrence

Lionsgate is developing a movie version of Homer’s The Odyssey with Catching Fire and Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2 director Francis Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson. Peter Craig, who co-wrote the two Mockingjay films, is writing the script.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate has put this on a fast track. The plan is to begin production early next year, right after the filmmakers complete promotion of Mockingjay – Part 2, which will be released November 20. The project took root when Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-president Erik Feig pitched it to Lawrence in Paris while they worked on the Hunger Games finale.

“The Odyssey” is believed to have been composed by Homer in the 8th century B.C. It centers on Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy.


Willow Shields and Mark Ballas' 'Hunger Games' Contemporary on Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars

Carrie Ann likes it!

Willow Shields and Mark Ballas did a moving Hunger Games themed contemporary performance to "Atlas" by Coldplay from the Catching Fire soundtrack on Dancing With the Stars last night. Complete with tributes on platforms, fighting in an arena, canons, and fallen tributes broadcast in the sky, the production value of the number was stunning, and Willow and Mark recieved 39 out of 40 from the judges, the highest score of the evening. Take a look: 

Here's one for those of you outside the US:

The number represented Willow's "Most Memorable Year" which was the theme of this week's show. Willow picked 2011, the year she was cast in The Hunger Games as a wee 10-year-old. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Willow on The hunger Games setLiam Hemsworth and Willow on setThanks to @districtshields for the screencaps!  

Willow and Mark's interview after the show:

No matter how wonderful Willow is, she can't stay in the game without our votes!

Here's how:

Be sure to vote while the show airs in your time zone and for an hour after the show airs by phone at 1-855-234-5612. You can vote at (you'll need to create an account), or on the Dancing with the Stars FB page from 8pm EST Mon until 8pm EST Tuesday. The judges are only 50% of the score. We need to vote! 


Lionsgate Announces 'The Hunger Games' Attraction at Dubai Themepark

According to a press release, Lionsgate is partnering with Dubai Parks and Resorts to bring a Lionsgate zone - including The Hunger Games attractions -  to Motiongate Dubai, a Hollywood-themed park opening in Dubai in October 2016.

The Lionsgate zone will feature state-of-the-art theme park attractions and a retail facility inspired by Lionsgate's global blockbusterThe Hunger Games franchise.  It will also incorporate a live stage show based on Step Up: All In and Step Up: Revolution, the two most recent films in the Company's worldwide Step Up franchise.

"Our franchises are continuing to drive location-based entertainment opportunities around the world," said Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer. "We're proud to partner with the team at Dubai Parks and Resorts to create a thrilling total entertainment experience designed to attract millions of new fans and continue the global expansion of our brands."


What do you think tributes? Is it totally cool or too Capitol for comfort? Remember when The Capitol turned the old arenas into tourist attractions in The Hunger Games? It's creeping us out a little bit.