Bringing You the Bounty of Panem's Waters. Our Nets are always Full, Our Lines Are Always Taut! 

With miles of coastline, District 4's landscape is defined by the ocean with jagged cliffs and pounding waves. Truly one of nature's most diverse masterpieces, from unbridled, rugged coastline to glorious beaches and crystal-clear air, District 4 is paradise in Panem.

District 4 plays an essential role in Panem, bringing us the bounty of the sea. From long-line fishing, trolling, and all manner of netting for tuna, halibut and cod, to spear fishing and trapping for shrimp, squid, and lobster, the skilled anglers of District 4 ply the sea to bring you the finest of the ocean's treasures.

District 4's littlest trawlers learn their craft at their parent's knee. Many of D4's families spend most of their lives on the water, the seasons and tides their guide, coming ashore only for official Capitol occasions. After years of noble toil asea, children from District 4's seafaring families are incredibly strong, often volunteering for their District in The Hunger Games. 

Fisher Boys by Lewis Hine

What District 4 can't catch, they raise. Hi-tech aquaculture helps meet the seafood demand of an ever-expanding Panem. Fish farms in sheltered coastal waters marry technology and sustainability to produce dozens of species of seafood. Oyster farms produce the bivalves and gorgeous pearls so sought-after by the Capitol's tastemakers.

Food production is also an integral part of District 4's specialty.  Processing, canning, smoking, freezing, and transport are some of the many vital links in District 4's seafood supply chain. Modern processing techniques and the Capitol's advanced transportation channels ensure only the freshest seafood reaches you in the Districts.