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Sam Claflin's #AskFinnick Live Twitter Q & A

Sam and his adorable dog, Rosie

Sam Claflin took over Lionsgate UK's twitter early this morning for a little #AskFinnick Q & A. He talked Finnick, Mockingjay Part 2, lizard mutts and much more. We've got the full discourse for you here. 

@supersudz81: What will you miss the most from your experience of filming these movies?
Sam:  I think the gang. The cast, crew & The Hunger Games family!

@abcdiris: If you could play any other character in THG, who would it be?
Sam:  I’d say Katniss… I feel like she’s the complete package.

@caitsimpx: What’s your favorite part in the MJ2 Trailer?
Sam: The introduction and the vision of the lizards!

@HumanDelena: Who is your favorite cast member to prank on?
Sam: Definitely Jen, her reactions to pranks is undoubtedly the most extreme and fun to witness!

@PitogzZz: What’s your favorite scene in the trilogy?
Sam: Good question! So many, I’d say Katniss volunteering for the first time, the impact of what was about to happen first hitting.

@cuddlyjoshifer: Has playing the role of Finnick Odair taught you anything new?
Sam: It’s taught me to fight for what I believe in.

@cuddlyjoshifer: What did you think of The Hunger Games Exhibition?
Sam: It’s amazing! An incredible insight into the world of The Hunger Games and how it was all created.


@Love_Shrader: In the trailer we saw Finnick doing a pretty sick move with the trident. How was the training for this movie??
Sam: We trained for a few months but I’d already done a lot of it for Catching Fire, so this was just a refresh.

@SEXGRAHAM: What is your favorite quote from Finnick?
Sam:  It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.

@_madsrose: Can you picture Finnick as the Mockingjay? How would he lead the rebellion?
Sam: Yes I can imagine him as the Mockingjay. I feel like he’s a protector so it wouldn’t be dissimilar to Katniss.

@Marzia20000: Hi Sam! Three words to describe Finnick?
Sam: Selfless, caring & loyal.

@edismyteddy: What is like to work with Natalie Dormer?
Sam: I’ve worked with her on The Riot Club previously so it was nice to be reunited and have a fellow Brit on set.

@Chiara_italy: Team Peeta or Team Gale?
Sam: Team Finnick!

@amyfoutana16: In what ways do you think Finnick has developed in these two last movies than from Catching Fire?!!
Sam: He’s been on a rollercoaster, he’s had his ups and downs. He seems to be back to his old self when we catch up with him in this movie though.

@jokerftharley: Describe your journey in the Hunger Games in a sentence.
Sam: There’s no one word… Insightful, inspiring… I’ve walked away having learnt a lot and I’m sad to see it go.

@sassyjoshifer: Did you keep anything from set?
Sam: I kept Finnick’s rope for his knots.

@typicalastrid: What did you break on set this time? an arm, a finger again?
Sam: I fell in a hole during filming for this one and hit my head on a pipe whilst running through the sewers.

@LifeinD13: What is Finnick’s inspiration to fight in the revolution?
Sam: I think he would like to help her and everyone achieve a safer and better Panem.

@mockingwalker: Is there one funny moment on set you will never forget?
Sam: There are so many great memories that I have a feeling will live with me forever.

@Roxy_Josh: If you could choose, in which district you would live?
Sam: District 14

@thvoidstiles: What was the hardest scene to shoot physically?
Sam: I have an epic fight sequence in this movie and that was definitely very challenging.

@asthordian: How was the last day on set?
Sam: Confusing because my last day wasn’t my last day.  I’d said my goodbyes and thank yous, then ended up having to come back in and film the next day!

@RaquelHigueras1: Do you like using the trident?
Sam: Yes! I could’ve been better with the trident, I hurt myself a few times, but it was new & exciting.

@RenataMoravszki: If you could be a superhero, who would you choose?
Sam: Only because other people have suggested it, Aquaman.

@Ollenberger1993: Did any of Finnick’s character behaviour/traits rub off on you?
Sam: The six pack!

@cuddlyjoshifer: What are your favorite scenes to film; emotional ones, or shots full of action?
Sam: I’m from quite a sporty background, I enjoy the more physical side of acting, though I do like both.

@joshspornarms: What’s your favorite song?
Sam: King’ by @yearsandyears at the moment, check them out!

@mckingjy: Where was your favourite location to film during any of the movies?
Sam: Absolutely Hawaii, we filmed in Oahu, it’s so beautiful.

@catchingj0sh: What’s your favourite thing about Finnick?
Sam: I think his hidden vulnerability is something that I enjoyed playing with and portraying.

@mckingjy: What was it like filming with the lizard mutts?? They look really scary.
Sam: It was a challenge, but a scene that I was really excited to see brought to life.

@chloeedwaards: Was the wedding scene fun to shoot?
Sam: Nerve-racking because everyone was staring at me & Stef… I had to dance & I hate dancing. But fun, yes!

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