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See what the Capitol is hiding in Hack #5 - Sync your mobile device at District13.CO.IN

Traitor or Victim - well, WE know the truth. See what The Capitol is hiding when you sync your mobile device at Or go to on your mobile device and complete hack #5.

We'll give you a hint about what they're hiding - a transcript of Peeta's script for his "candid" interview with Caesar Flickerman. Poor Peeta!

CMI Publicity Division - Confidential - For Peeta Mellark

The following document must be memorized for your upcoming television appearance. You MUST maintain composure and appear calm. DO NOT deviate from the script.

00:01 Reserved for pleasantries, Caesar will lead.

3:05 Caesar will ask about the specifics of Beete's plan in the Quarter Quell. Discuss your state of mind and protecting Katniss.

5:45 Caesar will ask about Katniss and how she appeared to have "sabotaged" the games.

6:05 INSIST she was following Beetee's plan and had nothing to do with a rebellion. Deny the existance of a rebellion.

8:05 Caesar will ask your opinion on rumors of unrest in the districts.

8:25 Remain cooperative and speak about the need for peace

9:35 Caesar will ask, "You're calling for a cease-fire?"

9:45 Respond with the following statement VERBATIM: I'm asking people to think. I'm asking everyone to stop the senseless violence. This isn't the path to change or justice.

10:25 caesar will thank you for your time.

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