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Sam Claflin's Fiance Talks Finnick and 'Catching Fire' Fans

Sam Claflin's lovely fiance, Laura Haddock, talked to Empire Magazine (June issue) about Sam, his fans, and his new sex-symbol status:  

Professionaly, Haddock is presently juggling a number of future projects. Personally, though, the future is set - she's engaged to Sam Claflin, who will shortly best his parts in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Snow White & The Huntsman to go stratospheric as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's revolutionary sex bomb, Finnick Odair.

"Sam being a pin-up is funny," says Haddock. "We have this big monthly session where we sit down with his fan mail, him with a big marker pen and me and his mum with a cup of tea, and he signs all these things that have come in. The other day he got a bracelet from this girl who's a fan of The Hunger Games. It had his district on it. And he put it on and took a picture of it and sent it to her by Twitter, which made her day. But he's not taken it off! He loves it!" She laughs. "Otherwise he gets all of these pictures of him, where he's looking all sexy and serious..."

And her point is? "Well he IS very sexy," she says. "But he's really not very serious. You know, he looks gorgeous in that film. But if you said that to him he'd say, 'What? Me? I'm from Norwich!'"

Here's the bracelet she was referring to in the article! Lucky @Tanyelala

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