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PHOTOS & VIDEO: 'Mockingjay' Set at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA

Mockingjay is filming at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA again! Thanks to some observant fans we've got pictures and video of the action inside the hotel. On Location Vacations reports that one of their Twitter followers, @emileerocks13, let them know that Mockingjay was setting up to shoot a scene in the hotel. Emilee and her friend Meredith let us know that they're filming a rescue scene in The Capitol (PEETA!!) Sunday and Monday with Gale and Boggs. Scroll down to see their pic of Liam Hemsworth and Francis Lawrence on set!

Check out this blog post by Hunger Games fan Meredith about her experience at the hotel and seeing the set.

UPDATE: Our follower, Dustin was at the hotel on Monday, Dec 16th and reported the following:

Lots of extras in all black playing unconscious/dead on the Pulse set. Tons of security. Hotel staff on walkies and regular clothed film crew in the hallways. 10th floor being used again. Crew may be wrapping soon on this set. Cake was being passed around to crew.

The next 3 pics are Dustin's shots from 12/16.

Dustin's pics from Dec 16th on the Mockingjay set

Liam Hemsworth and Francis Lawrence on set

See more photos and video after the jump!

Thanks to our good friends (who spotted it first!) and On Location Vacations for the information and @emileerocks13, @MeredithJane5 and @pheasantjumpers for the on site reporting and photos! Thanks to our good friend Tiffany from for additional photos!

Now you know names of the Victors from District 4!

The sign on the wall below reads in Latin: Panem  Hodie . Crastinum . In Perpetuum

Panem Today. Tomorrow. Forever. (Thanks to the Latin translation of our follower @Irey21!)

Click to enlarge. Photo courtesy Mockingjay.netPhoto courtesy Mockingjay.netPhoto courtesy

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