Future Filmmakers - Spotlight on The Hunger Games Fan-Made Trailer Editors

This week in our 100 days of Mockingjay celebration it's all about fan-made music, movies and more. Today's spotlight is on the video editors who just might be tomorrow's filmmakers. Video sharing on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and the advent of more advanced, yet accessible editing software is turning fans into amateur filmmakers. Movie fans are cutting together footage from previous films and new teasers to create trailers that are sometimes better than the studio output. A little bit different from the vidders we featured yesterday, who create narrative with footage, these Nolans and Finchers of tomorrow are creating buzz-worthy, evocative spots suitable for marketing feature films. 

I'm pretty sure Anton has a some kind of a career in film ahead of him. You might know him better as Quarter Quell. In addition to creating some incredible fan-made trailers and he's a brilliant photographer and graphic designer. See his mash-up posters here, here and here. Here's one of our favorite of Anton's trailers, The Hanging Tree Mockingjay Part 2 teaser trailer (below). Be sure to stay tuned to his Twitter and QQ's Youtube channel for updates on an upcoming mega Hunger Games franchise tribute trailer he's creating for Quarter Quell

The Hunger Games Youtube channel (not to be confused with TheHungerGames official youtube)does not only fan vids but some excellent fan trailers. Their awesome Extended Mockingjay Part 2 Review And Preview trailer is here for you below. See their channel for more. 


Zsolt is another creator of really cool fan-made movie trailers and poster edits. Check out his fan made trailer "Flashbacks"  below for a beautiful visual incorporation of the scenes in the "We Remember" Mockingjay Part 2 teaser trailer. See his channel and follow him on twitter for more. 

Austin Gray created an ambitious extended trailer with footage from Mockingjay Part 1 and 2. Check out "You Burn With Us" Extended Trailer below. You can follow Austin on twitter here and check out his channel for more. 

Pablo PPf created a beautifully emotional tribute to The Hunger Games films called The Hunger Games - "A Look Back" (below). It's hard to believe that this wonderful edit is Pablo's only video creation, but if you go by his Youtube channel, that seems to be the case. 


Luan Leer created a phenomenal 4-minute Hunger Games franchise trailer for  that's a must-see (below). 


We know there are many talented fan made trailers we haven't mentioned today. Let us know your favorite video editors in the comments so we can share them with everyone!

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