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It's Officially Not Official! No 'Mockingjay' Teaser Trailer at Cannes

Sooooo, this morning a very nice Cannes Film Festival blog, Cannes Coverage, posted a tweet that said they had confirmed a Mockingjay teaser trailer would debut at Cannes. We also know from this January Variety article that there will be a Mockingjay marketing presence at the film festival, but it's NEVER been confirmed that a trailer will be released there. Just speculation and hope (and we have certainly been guilty of both here at Panempropaganda).

Lionsgate has confirmed with us this morning that there will NOT be a trailer shown at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Adam Vary of Buzzfeed also confirmed with the studio (see his tweet here) that there is no Mockingjay teaser trailer planned for the festival.

FYI, studios deal behind the scenes at the Cannes Film Festival to acquire films and sell existing properties to foreign buyers. Cannes is basically the marketplace for the international film industry. Lionsgate will certainly present something to foreign film distributors at the festival. Lionsgate marketing head Tim Palen:

“A big part of the second film [Catching Fire] was growing the franchise, and the greatest potential was international,” he says. “We did a major presentation to distributors in Cannes, and did six premieres outside the U.S. And we still have room to grow. We’ve matched Iron Man 3 on domestic, but we can do better on international.”

What does this mean for fans? Cannes is a huge show - last year there was a massive Catching Fire beach party to celebrate the Covergirl partnership, lots of marketing presence and red carpet appearances by Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Claflin, Liam Hemsworth and Francis Lawrence. But it was all very hush-hush right up until early May. So, if you like pretty cast pictures and marketing reveals (hey - we LOVE them!) the Cannes Film Festival could be a bonanza for you this year.

But no Mockingjay teaser trailer at Cannes. At least that's the "official" word for now.

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