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Jeffrey Wright on 'Catching Fire' and It's Importance to the Fans - He REALLY Gets Us! 

Our friends at The Hob found a great interview from HuffPost Live with our Beetee, Jeffrey Wright, talking about Catching Fire and the deep meaning it has to the fans - and fansites - he spoke with at Comic Con.



Jeffrey Wright:

It's been a fantastic experience and as a matter of fact, when I finish Boardwalk we're going to go back in and start filming the next installments. But Catching Fire, which is the second of the books, comes out Thanksgiving and it's an EPIC, epic story. It does have all the bells and whistles. It's big budget stuff, but at the same time there are some interesting themes being addressed, particularly for younger audiences.

We went out to Comic Con and promoted the trailer, and I had the opportunity to talk to some of the more enthusiastic fans who've set up some of the websites, and they're hardcore. It was great because I asked each of them, 'Why are you so passionate about this stuff?' Each of them had an individual answer unique to their own experiences. You know, some of it was political, some of it was because they were drawn to this strong female hero at the center of it. Some of it was because they found themselves in some of the other characters who had struggles that were similar to their own. But it wasn't superficial, it was all very personal and I think that's exciting. You have big budget, thrilling film making but you also have elements that touch people in very honest ways, and I'm all for it.

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