A Tribute to The Hunger Games Trilogy - The Books  #THGTrilogy
Wed, September 9, 2015
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Our 100 days of Mockingjay celebration burns on! This week we're honoring the place where it all began: Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy.
Suzanne Collins created The Hunger Games from an idea born of late night channel surfing between real war coverage and reality television. Suzanne, the daughter of a career military man and Vietnam Veteran, has said that she wanted to write an age-appropriate war story for every age group. The Hunger Games is her war story for young adults. The trilogy's themes of poverty, socio-economic disparity, government corruption, propaganda, revolution, redemption, and the consequences of war mirror events in our current society.

The Hunger Games means different things to different people. For some, Katniss Everdeen is a strong and inspiring female role model, and for some she inspires as a survivor of poverty and PTSD. She's complicated, imperfect, damaged and an incredibly compelling lead character.

Some people adore the love stories. Suzanne wrote interesting, complex relationships without a typical fairytale ending in the lot: Katniss and Peeta, Katniss and Gale, Finnick and Annie, even Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen.

As we've seen throughout this 100 Days of MJ project, The Hunger Games means much more to people than a series of novels or a movie franchise. Seven of the ten most highlighted Kindle passages ever are from The Hunger Games trilogy, and The Hunger Games is the third most highlighted book OF ALL TIME, eclipsed only by The Bible and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. 

How You Can Participate This Week:

Suzanne's words are compelling and powerful, meaningful and resonant. We want to honor those words this week by asking you to share your favorite Hunger Games book quote or passage in a visual way. Take a quote that has made an impact on you and make an edit, write it out, take a photo – the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild. Just feature the words of THG in a visual way and use the hashtag #THGTrilogy to share it on social media. 

We are partnering with our friends at Everlarked & Always (who made the beautiful edit above) this week. They'll also be sharing some of your tagged work on their Tumblr blog Everlarked & Alwaysso be sure to follow.


We can't have a new theme without a new giveaway. This week (Wed, Sept 9 - Tues, Sept 14th) ONE winner will receive:

A boxed set of The Hunger Games trilogy foil editions 

A set of 5 Mockingjay pins: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay Part 1, the new Mockingjay Part 2 pin that was given away at Comic-Con and a black Mockingjay pin (5 pins in total).  

Enter the giveaway through the widget below. Sharing a photo on social media is not required to enter, nor does it count as an entry BUT it sure is fun, and we can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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