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100 Days of Mockingjay - Kendal's THG Story

Week 1 of our 100 Days of Mockingjay celebration is all about Your THG Story. Read about how to contribute yours here.

Kendal is one of the writers here at PanemPropaganda and co-manages our instagram account. Here is her THG Story:


When I first heard about The Hunger Games, I was a 14-year-old eighth grader. Through my eighth grade year, I heard small tidbits of information about the trilogy through friends and family members. It wasn't until I was fifteen, however, that I completely dove into Katniss' story and my obsession began.

My story seems backward to most people since I did things in reverse order. A few days after Catching Fire was released in theaters, I went with two of my friends to go see it (after they begged me to come and practically dragged me out my front door!). Up to that point, I hadn't read the books or watched the first Hunger Games movie...pretty backward, right?

Sitting in the theater, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the movie.  But watching Katniss and Peeta grow closer together while fighting to protect those they love, AND trying to stop a rebellion from starting all at the same time, was captivating. I felt as if I was personally feeling every emotion Katniss experienced on screen (thanks to Jennifer's amazing acting). So, when the movie ended, I went home and researched where to find the books and the first movie.

A few weeks later, I had read the whole trilogy, watched both movies, and was buying as much merchandise as could definitely say my obsession was beginning. Reading the books helped me understand Katniss more, and I realized we handle stressful and emotional situations in very similar ways. I find myself applying Katniss' ideas and emotions into situations I experience many times a day, and doing so helps me grow even closer to the trilogy. Making a Twitter account dedicated to the trilogy (@jennifer_thg) and joining Panem Propaganda has helped me meet many friends and amazing people who share my love for The Hunger Games.

Meeting people from all over the world through this trilogy is something I never expected that day when I saw Catching Fire for the first time, but I'm so thankful that I did. I might not have done things in the correct order (read the books first, and then the movies), but I'm so glad my friends convinced me that day to go to the movies. Everyone has a The Hunger Games story, and I (and all of us here at Panem Propaganda) can't wait to hear them all during our 100 Days of Mockingjay Countdown.

Follow Kendal on twitter @jennifer_thg.

And be sure to enter our week one GIVEAWAY here. You could win a black mockingjay pin and a mockingjay journal! 



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