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100 Days of Mockingjay - Chelsea's THG Story

Week 1 of our 100 Days of Mockingjay celebration is all about Your THG Story. Read about how to contribute yours here.

Chelsea is one of the rays of light in the fandom. She's always positive, supportive and engaging with other fans. Here's her THG Story:

Like Katniss, I never wanted to be in the Games. I didn’t know much about The Hunger Games, but I saw commercials for a movie starring people in blue hair and children fighting. I didn’t know enough to get the hype. My co-workers kept telling me that with my long hair intricately braided I looked like Katniss. What was a Katniss? It sounded like an infection… and in some ways it was.

I watched the first movie and instantly became hooked. Being a part of the Harry Potter fandom, I knew how consuming a book series could be, but I couldn’t help myself. I went through all three books in a week and was delighted to hear that Catching Fire was still in the theaters. All of the actors in the franchise have played their character’s beautifully, but none more than Jennifer Lawrence. Every emotion that Katniss has is believable. Every action purposeful. She is Katniss Everdeen.

The decision to be a part of the fandom was not what I intended but just as Katniss did, I volunteered. There was no other option but to become a tribute. I was intrigued by the ideas of strength, hope, power, and love that are so prevalent throughout the series. The Hunger Games has taken its readers into the nucleus of war in a way that forces us to see that each decision we make will lead to very real consequences. We all can’t save the world, but The Hunger Games teaches us that we have power within ourselves. We don’t have to accept the fate we are given. We are strong and we have a voice to use.

Last November, I was fortunate enough to win a trip to the premiere of Mockingjay Part 1. I had written a poem from Katniss’ point-of-view and to this day I still can’t believe I was given the opportunity. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I met fellow fans, tributes, who were kind and caring and who have become my very close friends. I then met some of my idols on the red carpet. They were so incredibly gracious and I will cherish the pictures and memories I have with them forever.

Today marks 98 days until Mockingjay Part 2 is released in theaters. We are on the cusp of something incredible and we, the fandom, will not go quietly. This series is not a fad. It is not something that will be forgotten about in a few years. It matters. The stories, the characters, the actors—they all matter.

Thanks to Twitter, Tumblr, and all other forms of social media, we will continue loving all aspects of The Hunger Games. We will continue our friendships with wonderful people and continue to admire the amazing cast. We will write about our “Ships” and honor the fallen. We will share our fan art and celebrate the beautiful stories. The three-finger salute will be seen around the world and fan screams will not quiet. Thanks to Suzanne Collins and the cast/crew of the franchise, our fires will burn forever.

Follow Chelsea on twitter at @chelseab343.

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