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Victory Tour Highlights - Katniss & Peeta In The Lap of Luxury - District 1

All that glitters is not gold, not here anyway; there’s silver, platinum, diamonds and a whole host of luxurious finery at the latest stop on the Victory Tour, District 1.
Released from its usual braided bondage, Katniss’s hair fell in tousled waves over a beautiful pale pink dress encrusted with diamonds dripping elegantly down the bodice. Peeta, with his own sparkling tie and cufflinks, paused on the steps of the train to admire his partner’s pearl earrings. The two shared a secret smile before they were enthusiastically greeted by the Mayoress of District 1, California Marshall.
Ms Marshall has been in office for thirty years worth of Victory Tours and has been quoted as claiming that every time the District 1 citizens have to welcome a Victor from another part of Panem, it only encourages them to try harder next year.
Mayoress Marshall introduced Katniss and Peeta to their guides for the day: Royce Frost, 60 years a Victor and Mentor, and his granddaughter, Ruby. The pair of natives showed the Victors to the Panem Academy of Combat Education (PACE) first, where Ruby is currently Dean. They poked their heads into a few tutorials, including one led by knife-throwing expert Gloss. Peeta joked that he’d like to sit in on some of those lessons to try and learn a few moves.
Gloss leads a knife-throwing tutorial at P.A.C.E.
On their way to the merchant area of the district, Royce showed Everdeen and Mellark the diamond encrusted ‘V’ shaped pendant that is administered to every Victor from the luxury district since their very first victory. Ruby asked Katniss what gifts District 12 bestows upon their winners.
“A drinking problem,” Katniss replied, obviously referring to the only other surviving District 12 Victor, Haymitch Abernathy, who has not been seen much on the Victory Tour since the party in District 7. Everybody laughed for the rest of the journey.
Once the entourage arrived on the paved streets of what is known as ‘Little Capitol’, Escort Effie Trinket exclaimed that she felt right at home. Indeed the countless boutiques and design houses are enough to pique any shopaholic’s interest, but most of this merchandise is not for sale. The items crafted here, from only the finest resources, are shipped straight to the real Capitol. A few gifts were made for the esteemed visitors and Ms Trinket made off with an ample share of shopping bags and hatboxes.
For the evening reception Katniss wore one of her new fascinators, it matched perfectly with Cinna’s exquisitely designed gown. In his speech, Peeta lamented the loss of Glimmer and Marvel, the fallen tributes while Katniss thanked the district for their hospitality and gifts.
The next stop on the Victory Tour promises to be the most exciting, the Capitol.



For more of Arowana Flounder's brilliant work, please check out her fanfictionJohanna Mason: They Will Never See Me Cryand her original story, ArchangelsYou can follow her on twitter @ArowanaFounder 

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