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Exclusive: President Snow Speaks

Our leader expounds on the importance of the Games.

by Helena Thomas, political correspondent - Capitol Couture

President Coriolanus Snow smiles benevolently from behind his desk, an island in a sea of resplendent cherry woodwork, upholstered club chairs and walls lined with countless tomes. An antique globe atop a side table is a sly wink to the world, pre-Panem. As usual, he is outfitted in cut velvet, a seemingly soft, delicate fabric with amazing durability. His navy blazer bears his floral trademark—a delicate white rose on the precipice of bloom—tucked in his lapel. “Shall we?” he asks.

We shall. It’s no secret that the President hasn’t spoken one-on-one with a publication in over five years. His press conferences typical take place from his gilded balcony and questions are not encouraged. With the Games beginning this Friday, it’s a particular honor for us to steal a moment with him.  “I know every citizen reads Capitol Couture, so let this interview be my call to the people of Panem,” he says, standing up for a moment with his hand at his heart. “Are you preparing for the Quarter Quell? It’s part of our civic duty to participate and show your loyalty.”

Outside the President’s sanctuary, the phone bleats constantly.  His desk has its own skyline of paperwork, neat piles of folders, documents and memos. Though his office also boasts the most advanced holograph technology, the President still relies on paper for certain correspondences. “I do appreciate the efforts of District 7 and all those glorious trees,” he says, referring to the lumber district that still produces creamy, vellum stock exclusively for our leader.

A Capitol native, Coriolanus Snow says that he knew at an early age that he would ascend in politics. His undisputed career proved his loyalty and love for the country, as he quickly rose through the ranks to the apex of power as President of Panem. Our country’s CEO has overseen the most prosperous periods in our history. The luxury works coming out of District 1 have never been so opulent. But through it all, he remains a family man and mentor, ensuring that the generations of his house are well and thriving.  So how does a man with so many obligations maintain such a relaxed composure and genial nature?  

"It’s very important to relax," he says with an avuncular smile in his deep but mellifluous voice.  "My gardens keep me calm. I stroll through them when I need to ponder important matters or focus on a developing situation."  Indeed, focus is a necessity for planning an event as large as this year’s Quarter Quell.  The President’s hand is in every aspect of the preparation process, from arena design to revamping the construction on the Avenue of the Tributes.  

"As you know, the rules of the Quells were set in place by the founders of the Games, so I am naturally bound to protocol.  My heart goes out to our victors, especially Miss Everdeen,” he says. He pauses for a moment, with his gaze aloft. “But it is a heart filled with pride for this country and our traditions.  I have every faith that the Quarter Quell tributes will serve Panem as they always have—with loyalty and honor."      

With that said, where will you be seated at the Games? And what will you wear? Be sure to reserve your seats today!

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