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Writer and Social Media Gamemaker

I've loved reading ever since I was little, but I first read The Hunger Games trilogy in December 2013, after my friend made me see Catching Fire with her when it came out...which I’m ashamed to admit, since I thought they were a series just about kids fighting to the death, but clearly I was wrong! Now I’m in love with the entire series, and my favorite book is Mockingjay. I’m so happy that I finally read these books and that we have such a talented cast!

I live in the United States and I’m a senior in high school this year! I plan on majoring in either English or Film Studies with the dream of being an actress one day :) I joined Panem Propaganda in July of 2014 and as of right now I’m managing our Instagram page. I’m so excited to see where The Hunger Games will take us within the next few years!

You can follow Elise on twitter @everlark_love