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Dan McCall

Co-Founder of PanemPropaganda
Artisic Director

Meta Golding, Sam Claflin, Dan McCall, Mandy McCall, Bruno Gunn and Jena Malone Dan McCall is an award winning artist, designer, and the  founder of, one of the largest political parody brands in the world. Dan is also the Principal of design firm Ubiquities. Dan’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, ABC, Fox news, Le Monde Magazine, The Nation magazine, The Star Tribune, The Pioneer press,, BuzzFeed, Reason magazine, and dozens of other publications. Dan works with organizations like WikiLeaks, and Free Bradley Manning, to help build awareness about government overreach and illegalities. He just sued the NSA and DHS over his parody t-shirt - and WON! So, he's been a little busy making TV appearances lately.

He co-founded the site with his sister, Molly, designed the website, our original art, and all of our products (find them HERE).