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About Us

You know how it feels when you come to the end of a great book, you start reading slower, putting off the inevitable end of the time you’ve spent in your new favorite world, with your new “friends.” We felt that way after reading The Hunger Games trilogy. We didn’t want to leave Panem, the incredible world Suzanne Collins created, or our new friends, especially our BFF, Katniss. So we created a place where you never have to leave Panem.

PanemPropaganda is a Hunger Games fan site and the largest online community of Hunger Games fans worldwide. We're your most updated source of movie and cast news, book info, fan art, edit, gifs and everything else from the world of The Hunger Games

Our merchandise is lovingly created by artists who just happen to be Hunger Games super-fans.

Fangirl and fanboy with us, won't you?